woo-jin kim

Woo-Jin Kim

Age/Sex - 32 years old/Male

Occupation – Paleontologist

City – Seoul

Country – South Korea 

Power – Reanimation/Earth Manipulation


    A car accident sends Korean paleontologist Woo-Jin Kim and his wife Mi-Young over the side of the Han River Bridge in Seoul, South Korea. Luckily the impact did not kill them but it left Mi-Young unconscious and unable to remove her seat belt. Woo-Jin, after the initial impact sprang to consciousness as the rapidly filling water touched his nose and interrupted his breathing. He panicked and unbuckled his seat belt as the car quickly sank to the bottom of the river. Once unstrapped his body began floating to the surface through the broken windshield. As he looked back to see his car he saw his wife spring to life.  His worst nighmare playing out before his eyes.  He was powerless to save the one he loved.  She was trapped, her seatbealt had become lodged on something and she was unable to remove it.  A sad irony that the device created to safe her had become the instrument of her demise. She looked at him in horror as the car sank deeper. He tried to swim down but the 2 ton SUV was a giant rock in the water.  Within moments, it had sunk out of sight with Mi-Young trapped inside. He mourned for weeks, blaming himself for killing the only person he ever loved. Finally he could take it no longer. He decided to end it at the same place where lost his beloved. As he stood there on the edge of the bridge looking down into that empty void he thought about her.  He thought about how his world had come crumbling down in an instant.  The night air was damp and cool as he stepped off the bridge. He had given up, and would be with his Mi-Young very soon. But, to his amazement he did not fall. She was there, he didn't believe it but somehow, she was there and she saved him. He was unable to save her but she stayed to save him. She refused to pass on to the next life. She chose to stay here and with the help of a small friend she was given that chance. Choose your power, it said, "We choose life". Now together again with his beloved and armed with the power of Reanimation and Earth Manipulation, he and his tiny dragon Boulder are ready for anything Destruction can throw at them.

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