Timeline of events

Prior civilizations lived and were destroyed by Destruction, the flood in Noah’s days, Atlantis, the Mayans, all destroyed and Earth's clock reset, leaving a few to rebuild the human race and warn of the dangers that can come from a world without peace.

Destruction sleeps

Mankind doesn't take heed to the warnings and wars begin anew. Tales of a great destroyer become legend.  Those legends become myths and then forgotten all together, making way for mankind to make the same mistakes over and over again. Once enough suffering and killing takes place Destruction begins the awakening process, moving from a Hibernated State  to an Unconscious State


The Sleep Levels

          Hibernated State - Destruction's mind and body remain inactive

          Unconscious State - Destruction's mind becomes active but his body remains inactive. Once this state is achieved Life activates her tiny dragons boulderto go out and find and prepare Earth's Champions to battle Destruction in the event He becomes Awake. So far Earths Champions have never been able to defeat him. Destruction's subconscious mind goes out and begins to empower the most wicked of society, men and women of evil nature willing to betray mankind for power.  But all power comes at a cost, as they will soon find out as they become his Warlocks. len-yan_warlock_fullsize_2With certain power these people become powerful men and women of the world ie warlords, drug lords, corrupt politicians, heads of religions bent on evil, crime bosses as well as leaders of countries. Warlocks are given powers and insight to help continue Earth's suffering. By doing this, Destruction continues to awaken.

           Delirium State - Destruction's subconscious mind now turns its attention to wiping out our Champions. He sends forth his Minion armies in an attempt to overwhelm the Champions before they have a chance to synchronize with their dragons and become truly powerful. Once a Champion masters their power, no Minion army, no matter the size will stand a chance against them. Also during this stage, the governments of the world begin to take notice to what is going on around them and begin to develop what they hope will be countermeasures to this new threat. Epic battles are fought, not only by Champions but by Earth’s government forces as well. Sadly these measures are not enough for what is to come next.Hyper Suits

Arousal  State - At this point in the timeline Earth’s inhabitants are beginning to see the importance of putting aside their differences and start working together. As a result wars and mayhem begin to fall on a global scale. Destruction is close to the awakening phase but he needs a little bit more to fully aMoolwaken. His body begins to reanimate and he sends his most powerful monsters to wreak havoc on the Earth. He sends his Slayers into the world to continue the body count. The Slayers begin destroying everything to help counter balance the suffering and death needed to bring Destruction through this final stage of sleep. Earth will not go down without a fight, so they developed a response to Destruction’s Slayers in the form of giant England Combat mecha_Final_v1Combat Mechs. At the end of this stage Destruction will Awaken and destroy everything unless the Champions can band together and stop him.

Note - Slayers are enormous creatures and normally require more than one Champion to kill.


         Awaken State - Destruction's up and it's bad news for us!