nathan lewis

Nathan Lewis

Age/Sex - 12 years old / Male

Occupation – Homeless

City – New York

Country – United States

Power – Imagination


Born into poverty Nathan never really had much growing up to start with.  His parents married for the sole reason of raising him but after a few years it ended with Mr. Lewis not coming home one day after work.  He was never seen again leaving Mrs. Lewis to shoulder the burden of raising a son and trying to survive herself.  She was pleasing to the eyes and used that gift to provide a living for her son.  Men were in and out of the apartment all the time, some he would see on a regular basis and some he would only see once or twice.  Because of the constant company, Nathan was left to himself most of the time and in doing so began to create wonderful worlds with wonderful creatures to fill them.   His imagination was so life like, he would often just sit staring at the wall lost in his own fantasy world.  One day he came home to hear his mother screaming from inside the apartment.  He rushed in only to see 3 large men walking out of the bedroom. In a panic, he quickly darted behind the couch where he quietly listened.  Seconds passed, minutes, then hours before he finally felt it was time to venture out and survey the scene.  “Surely the men were gone by now,” he thought.  The house was silent as he started for the bedroom.  The old wooden floor creaked with every step.  He never noticed the sound before, but for some reason today the noise was deafening.  Now at the door he slowly pushed it open.  His fears were confirmed as his mother’s lifeless body laid there on the bed.  He didn’t know it but her throat had been crushed.  He had no one left in this world, but his imaginary friends, great beast and fierce creatures with horrible abilities.  A few days past and upon arriving home Nathan noticed a commotion of police, ambulance and fire trucks surrounding his building.  He didn’t want to be seen so he retreated into the city to his special hiding place.  After sunset he returned home.  The police had sectioned off his door but the lock was unchanged.  He entered the apartment and grabbed all he could pack and carry into a large suitcase and headed out the door.  Before leaving he remembered something and dashed to his room.  Teddy was his only possession his father left him and he couldn’t live without it.  The right eye piece had fallen out but held on by a string.  The bear when it was new was bright yellow with a white tummy.  But over the years the bright yellow and white was replaced with a dull, dirty, aged appearance.  But it was all he had to remember him by. His mother had one picture of herself she kept on the bathroom wall of her standing in the aisle of what appeared to be a farmers market.  She looked so beautiful.  He grabbed the picture and left, never stopping to look back. He was alone in the alleys of New York with all his worldly possessions in a raggedy old suitcase that he couldn't even zip up all the way.  He found food in dumpsters and water was gathered whenever it rained.  Sadly he was starving and slowly dying.  His only comfort came at night when he would escape into his fantasy worlds and drift off to sleep.  One such journey thru dreamland, he encountered a creature that he didn’t create, a tiny dragon, with wings of glass. “Choose your power young one," the creature said, "the fate of the world could be in your hands." Nathan replied, “I choose imagination!”

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