Blood Champion

Hitomi Takahashi

Age/Sex - 17 years / Female

Occupation - Cosplay Cafe Waitress

City - Akihabara District/Tokyo

Country - Japan

Power - Blood and Infection



The night came as it always did. The shouting sounds echoed through the neighborhood of the quiet Japanese town. It seemed she thought, they were always yelling. Hitomi hated the yelling, but what came next she hated even more. As the arguement escalated so did his temper, he had hit her before. "What a man", she thought sacastically, she hated him. Then without warning the fight came. She heard her mother get hit, then crash into the floor, she moved without thinking. By the time she got to the livingroom she saw him kicking her mother as she lay on the floor, not moving. She threw herself over her mother motionless body only to be pulled by her hair and thrown to the ground. He was a monster! When the cops came they took him to jail and her mother to the emergency room. It's hard to keep the police chief behind bars for very long. He was released the next day but her mother didn’t leave the hostital for the next 2 months. He put her in a coma, she actually died 2 times that first night and had to be revived. Hitmoi sat there with her mother all night torn between fear for her mother’s condition and raw hatred for her father. The pain from her altercation with her father was starting to settle in. She watched as her mother lay almost lifeless in the bed. She wanted him gone for good, never to hurt them again, but she, like her mother, was weak.  Night was setting in, Hitomi had started drifting into sleep when Pulse came to her.  He tempted her, do you want to be strong? She thought she was dreaming .  Yes, she replied, "I can help you with that.  "What are you" she asked?  I am yours and I can assure you, you will never be afraid of him again.

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