What is this......


Awaken Destruction is a modern day table top deck builder developed by David Mullins.  AD is dedicated to bringing you an interactive game experience involving a unique style of gameplay.  Things like combo attacks,  independent allies and enemies, a luck based card and dice system unlike anything you have ever played, battlefield teleportation, killing bonuses and even your very own dragon to aid you in battle.

AD is also very passionate about our art. I believe we have some of the most beautiful artwork on the market.  We have sought out various different art styles and found leading artists within those styles to create a world so visually stimulating, that you will find yourself staring at picture after picture for hours on end.  But don't take my word for it, just look around and decide for yourself. 

Settle in for an epic battle of wits, luck, and all out war.  Use your country's military might to fight off Destruction's force while simultaneously fighting against the other champions and their dragons.  Sit back and gather the cards needed to unleash a devastating combo attack, or kill their dragon and leave them defenseless.  You decide your own unique strategies, and maybe, if you are lucky, you can stop Destructions awakening.  But if you are not, you must master your skills and prepare for the coming wave of Destruction.